This sport involves endurance, dexterity, concentration and self-sufficiency. As it is common to practice the sport in isolated places, the aspect of self-sufficiency is important for the cyclist to be able to make minor repairs to his bicycle, and concentration because it is a sport that requires a lot of psychological balance to face theContinuar lendo “BTT”


The waves of the sea break on the stones of the earth … the encounter of the liquid and physical form of this world, is thunderous and beautiful. A cloud of aerosols impregnated with sea microparticles is born … they enter our nostrils and come to prove it! We are part of everything!

Summer in the post-coronavirus

Among other safety measures, in order to avoid excessive influx to the beaches, they are using color signs: green (low occupancy), yellow (high occupancy) and red (full occupancy). The state of occupation of the beaches can also be consulted, in real time, Here