Omnium Sanctorum

At least you don’t judge her
Every sin committed once
It clings to a person’s throat
She just passed me like the wind
Everything inside her bleeds
Her whole balance is broken
She is erased from this world
Her past is so dark
that cannot be redeemed with blood
No offense, my corpse will speak
Death is powerless in the face of the mysteries of life
Prove my loyalty
Because of those eyes
I’m ready to give my whole life
This may turn out to be the most correct sentence I have ever written in this world
Wherever you are not
It’s very strange and dark
Loving is not enough, right?
Suddenly everything is trapped inside of me
Like a looping nightmare
Right before my eyes everything happens in flash
How to separate nails?
When your soul, your heart, everything is in wounds
Who can heal her?
It is impossible to reveal some truths
For everything is on fire inside the person
I have no other choice
There is something about her that stands out
God does not kill the dead
But in this life, no one was able to wake up after threatening him
Maybe you don’t know
If you don’t forget where He steps
You will not lose your luck in vain
Soon we will leave here in silence
If your shadow isn’t in your way again
So go and bury yourself
And don’t get up until He calls you


Copyright©2022 Amarela
All Rights Reserved