The penultimate petal has fallen

I see those vile and rotten smiles
Glued to their rotting carcasses
His feet deteriorated from decay
They shrewdly follow my steps
Trying to reach my glory
I’m in a climax of amplified firstfruits
Printed on the retina of my soul
In that fleeting eternity that passion has
Only you can have this existence
Follow the design of the curves of my body
Eyes to eyes…
In the ecstatic disorder that hits me
An insane and anonymous night in its strangeness
Moments that are not part of any album
I write this dream with my ashes
I despise you, vermins that suck my vitality
Dive into the swamp of your own frustrations
I will give you the greatest torture
A more than happy tear
The penultimate petal has fallen


Copyright©2021 Amarela

All Rights Reserved