My heart is silenced

I see a scar in your eyes.
I’ll get lost if I wake up next to her every morning.
You revealed my desire from every angle,
And that interferes with my breathing.
On the face of the fingers that will immediately wander,
And what happened to us from these secrets,
The image of our love fell in your heart.
Just a reflection in the drop of a tear.
Our situation is terrible,
Our hearts are broken,
No matter how much one of us loved,
This is the end.
But don’t let go of me,
It’s obvious that if you go,
Everything will be over in the morning,
I will have no reason to wake up.
We didn’t say much,
We didn’t say everything,
Come back to yourself.
Look at me without fear.
We will both survive this hour.
And I understand that I will live long after you,
I will live because I will remain in your head.
I pressed a stone to my heart when I forgot to kiss you.
It hardens and my heart is silenced.


Copyright © 2021 Amarela – All Rights Reserved