Know that tears on her face are prohibited

The pain of separation cried out for the pain of death,
And if she goes and hugs you, she’ll know the scent will be on the same axis.
It will make you smile in winter.
You are the lines around her eyes,
The strange fire when everything is gone,
This is the game of fate.
But she doesn’t want to have something to say,
All she wants from you is silence,
Because all things are inside of you,
While she was in front of you with the remains of the night,
Looking for the key to everything that could be history.
What if she died with every breath?
She ruined her own life by looking at her watch.
This is the sound of fear and please don’t dive.
She always sees herself in your eyes,
And a light bulb lights up in her head.
Her biggest sin is that she doesn’t feel anything in the present,
Not even time will forgive her now.
We don’t call this deformation,
For there was a day to love and miss.
She met false defendants,
With her complicit statements,
The conscience of these people is not concerned with the nomad.
A thumbs up or a thumbs down.
Well if you want her to show her tears,
you’ll see the ice shield melting behind her eyes.
She is in her nightmare prison.
There was a time between her and a great emptiness.
And if her absence comes to you,
Know that tears on her face are prohibited.


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