There are tsunames behind my eyes

That erupt through the floodgates of the eyelids

From my dark brown look


I am empty and almost inert

I have memories of who you are


I exalt the gray hair of your existence

Now I know that you are not as eternal as I thought, father

I write to say that I love you

Before your luminous eyes full of peace

Today attacked is due to blindness

But listen, I would like to say exactly that:

I am almost a survivor like you

For, behold, all things are burning in a gigantic bonfire

In nothing poetic and morbid dens in this world

Color of all finites

And the dust that remains

It will be the things I have

Because I don’t know if I’m going to sleep or Be

Seeing the bronze doors of time closing


©Copyright 2021 Amarela
All Rights Reserved