It was his last

Completely dressed in black They have been closing their eyelids
Thousands of eyes everywhere
These days have some similarities
They all go away
You arrive slowly
Lightly strokes the hair
But your funereal breath
It makes the body arch and tremble
In a mixture of pain and disbelief
It’s not time yet !!
Or is she the only one who doesn’t know yet?
With a corroded soul
Under a darkness of infinite vacuum
The source of tears has run out
A scream grows from the depths of the guts
The box that holds the heart
It breaks and tears the wrapper
It is overexposed in that interval
The former royal footsteps falter
Imagine yourself with a plastic wreath
It approaches the window of the world
See that the night is starless
Just as your minutes are brief
It was his last


©Copyright 2021 Amarela All Rights Reserved