While your tired feet,
Lightly touch the grains of sand.
While on your chest,
Beats a heart madly.
While your brown eyes,
Reach the beauty that remains.
While your skin is pale,
Feel the raindrops.
While your sense of smell,
Follow the smells of the flowers.
While your hearing,
Decodes the melody that surrounds you.
While your little hands,
Write about everything and nothing.
While your thoughts and dreams,
Travel towards infinity.
There will always be tears.
They wash their pupils,
slide down your face,
Make your lips salty.
Crystallized tears fall to the ground and camouflage
billions of grains of sand on their walk by the sea.
Think and sigh …
Just one more day.

Be brave, please.


Copyright © 2020 Amarela – All Rights Reserved