Snail Condo

Video © Amarela

Snails are part of the healthy snack list, since they consist mostly of water, they become an ally food for those who want to snack without gaining weight. It is rich in protein, low in fat, contains minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc. Here in Portugal it is a very appreciated delicacy.


Text and photo ©Amarela
Sculptor ©LaranjeiraSantos

She didn’t expect anything, or anyone. She was comfortable in her own company. His pleasure was to observe nature, to hear birds singing, to be in tune with the magic that is living in a simple fullness.

I come from The sea

Text and video ©Amarela

I will make the sea all my cardinal points,
all mirages, almost infinite dimension,
wrapped in a foam of waves, stowaway.
I don’t know what destination I’m on.
I only know that salty tears are streaming down me,
I come from the sea.


Video © Amarela

Symbol of resilience, with teaching: Even slowly, move on… The important thing is persistence!